Brenda Khor, a 2013 graduate and recipient of our Empowerment Scholarship, received a full ride to the College of Wooster as a Gates Millennium Scholar. Brenda is in her second semester at school and is currently exploring different career options.

What are you currently studying?

I am undeclared right now, but I am trying to figure out what I'm interested in career wise. I am possibly going to do a minor in Spanish but still unsure about my major.

Why did you choose this major?

Whatever I major in will be because I am passionate to help others.

What motivates you to strive for success?

Everybody who I have met or encountered in my life thus far has pushed me somehow to strive for success. 

Name something that you are proud of yourself for doing.

I am proud of myself for keeping in touch with the different organizations I was involved with before I left to go to college, such as Athena's Warehouse and the Boys and Girls Club.

Brenda (right) with fellow 2013 Empowerment Scholar Noemi  

Brenda (right) with fellow 2013 Empowerment Scholar Noemi  

Name some women you admire and why.

I admire the Nguyen sisters: Bee, Phi, Kim, and Cookie. Reasons: Strong and independent sisters that created Athena's Warehouse to help Cross Keys and other APS ladies to find out how empowering they are, including me.

I admire Madame Gluck because she is graceful and has no limit to love others. 

I admire the Cross Keys counseling team: Ms. Henderson, Ms. Cole, Dr. Furcron, and Ms. Minter. Reasons: Fierce attitudes and passionate to help others.

I admire all the women that have made a difference in the world because they helped me see all the opportunities I have yet to seize.

What is your advice to young women?

My advice to young women is to achieve what you are passionate for and do so in a graceful yet fiercely manner. Also, another piece of advice is to help your sisters out whenever one is in need of help. #girlpower #werule

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself traveling all around the world and helping the communities there. I also see myself going to graduate school. In five years, I will be doing something amazing.

Why do you support Athena's Warehouse?

I support Athena's Warehouse because the sponsors and volunteers do whatever they can to help girls see their true potentials as warriors. AW shows you how powerful you are. As warriors, nothing can get in your way.

AW shows you how powerful you are. As warriors, nothing can get in your way.