Your Inner Warrior

“Your Inner Warrior” is an awareness program for high school girls.

Taught by trained professionals, the program is divided into workshops that address key topics, such as healthy eating, positive body image, STI/STD prevention, domestic violence, and career preparation. At the end of the program, students are awarded scholarships based on attendance, participation, and an essay. 

Benefits of the program:

  • Provides direction and exposes students to appropriate role models

  • Aids students transition from high school to college

  • Provides access to information from experienced mentors

  • Broadens exposure to “real life” issues (social, physical, sexual)

  • Helps participants learn how to set goals and develop professional and personal skills

  • Develops skills through role playing and active participation in course activities

  • Provides a comfortable and safe learning environment

  • Gives participants an opportunity to receive a small grant upon completion of the course

Because of these workshops I can be more confident in myself, and empower everyone around me because I know together we are stronger than we ever imagined we could be.
— DeAnna "Dia" Parker, Scholarship Winner. 2012 (Current Executive Director)

Sample Workshops

Mind, Body, Matter
Girls learn how to express self-confidence and positive body image through the power of dance and physical activity. By practicing choreographed dance moves and exercise routines with their peers, they are encouraged to challenge themselves, have fun, and take care of their minds and bodies. 

Food For Thought
Girls acquire the skills and confidence to make healthier eating choices in their everyday lives. Through a hands-on cooking demo with a professional chef, they learn how to avoid processed foods and prepare simple, nutritious meals without sacrificing taste. In addition to recipes, participants are given a cookbook in order to practice their cooking skills at home. 

Safety & Awareness
Girls receive tips and advice for staying safe outside their homes, in relationships, and online. Through the eyes of a veteran police officer, they learn how to trust their instincts, increase their alertness, and react to harmful situations.

Girls learn about consent and what it means to give consent, including how to respond to peer pressure and how to set boundaries with friends, family members, and partners. Girls are also provided resources for how to get help with family or relationship abuse or assault.

Teen Dating
Girls talk with Raksha, Inc. on teen dating and identify characteristics of healthy relationships and how to safely end an unhealthy relationship.

Making Proud Choices
Girls learn about safe choices including STD prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, and HIV prevention. This workshop is hosted by Planned Parenthood.

Career Coaching
Girls learn about goal setting and prepare resumes for mock interview sessions.

Career Day
Girls prepare for their careers by interacting with experienced professionals in the community. Through a series of mock interviews, they practice communication skills, explore viable career options, and are exposed to positive examples of women in leadership positions. 

There is something new within me, something that wasn’t there before, and that is hope.
— Bibi, Scholarship Winner

Special thanks to The Brown Foundation and Raksha, Inc. for their support of this program.